Ghostwriting Rates – 4 Factors In Deciding Your Ghostwriters Rates

There is no doubt about it… hiring a professional company for ghost writing article services is a major asset to a successful business online. The absolute best ways to reach more people and inform them about your business is to get articles – about yourself and from you – published online or in print. One could consider beginning an e-zine or publishing a blog that is updated with great content. But if resources are limited, do not feel comfortable with writing, and interested in for a b2b internet marketing agency, how does someone find the solution to accomplish this?
A simple answer for most businesses is ghostwriting services to advertise your business effectively.
Upon looking into rates for ghostingwriting, do not forget about frequency. Seo copywriting and ghostwriting articles on a website is single service. Writing for a blog can be a one time topic, but should be looked at as a continuous service – even so daily. So the amount of times writing will differ the rates and seo copywriting.
To write a book is a unique service within itself. Ghostwriting rates for books will be all over the place. Developing a book can take some time, a month or even a few years. Sometimes the ghostwriting rate can include added assistance – such services as getting you in touch with a publisher, so again there will be a wide variance in the ghostwriting rate charged. For any additional services it should be spelled out within the contract between you and your ghostwriter.
Internet Marketing involves multiple tasks…. Not only does it involve search engine optimization for your web site, it will need good written content. Below are different packages offered for ghostwriters.
Ghostwriting Rates for Blogs
Rates for blogs may be a one time fee or recurring. It all depends on the need of the client. Blogs should be posted routinely as search engines love new content as well as your readers…. Some blog posts can be from $ 100 per post to $ 600 depending on type of service needed.
Ghostwriting Rates for Articles
Articles and other content needed for your website can be a very inexpensive cost or a big investment. One could go to any article directory and discover some great written content that is free to review and ask a copywriter to elaborate on. The other route is to have the ghostwriter discuss the details of the articles he or she will write…
Three final hints regarding ghostwriting rates:
Ghostwriting is a unique task, be sure the ghostwriter understands SEO and Search Engine Optimization. Although they may write great.. they may not write great for web pages.
Writing for a web page and sales copy is not the same as your English teacher told you. The look of the copy as well as its easy flow should be exceptional. Most web users skim content and using bold and italics is how you can catch the attention.
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