How To Make Money As A Ghost Writer

In the 21st century, there are more markets for writers than ever: traditional publishers, niche publishers, magazines, corporations, electronic media; there are literally millions of markets for writers, world-wide. You can supply those markets. You can turn your words into dollars, today.

Start a small business as a Ghost Writer today and turn your writing skills into revenue. As a Ghost Writer, you’ll prepare or edit literary works for others to claim as their own. These works may include autobiographies for celebrities, political speeches, or letters from corporate executives. Some writers shun this business for its lack of literary ownership. Keep in mind, however, that as a writer you can make money both with your own works as well as on ghost writing collaborations. Ghost writing can supplement your own writing income. With ghost writing you get paid weather or not the work sells well or poorly. With your own work you will own make money if you can sell it.

The Internet is also a huge market for ghost writers. Content for websites, blogs, newsletters, ebooks and more are always in demand. Learning a little about how to write for Internet based clients could pay huge dividends. Some of the more important aspects include style and search engine optimization.

You’ll obviously need to be a good writer for this business to work. Be patient with customers as you’ll often need to work through more revisions than when working on your own. Your customers will want to express their own „style“ through you. As such, it may take some time for you to fine tune your writing to support their style and sentiment. Discretion and confidentiality is also very important in this business. Never share with others details of your ghost writing work. Confidentiality is a most and in most causes you will need to sign a non discloser agreement prior to beginning work on most projects.

If writing for is a hobby, passion or past time, you could easily make money out of it. Researching and learning more about a subject is what a ghost writer is all about. Making sure that you satisfy your clients with quality articles that is always their money’s worth. Always keep in mind that you write for the love of it and is earning because of writing. Enjoy what you do, do not consider it as work and you would surely get a long way by just having the right mindset.
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