Is a Website Essential For Ghostwriting Success

Ghostwriting, or freelancing, is the work of writing for another individual’s requirements. There are multiple reasons why people wish to outsource their writing and employ ghostwriters. Many people wish to have a product quickly, and don’t have the time to create it themselves. Others do not have the ability or training to write well. Writer’s block affects some, and still others need specialized research and would prefer to hire another person to do it. Ghostwriting, or freelancing, fills these requirements perfectly.
If there is such a demand for ghostwriters, is a website really necessary for success? Why not simply solicit work by email, or post ads in forums?
I would argue that great success will not happen without a website, and here are the reasons why.
1. A website is your web address. As with a street address, it gives others a place to locate you. You are in business as a ghostwriter, and therefore, your business needs to be located so others can do business with you. A website gives your business a sense of permanence that evokes confidence in your potential employer. An email address just won’t do.
2. A website can act as a showcase for your writing. Imagine having your best writing samples highlighted and available for review, so that a potential employer can match his needs to your style and ability. Because ghostwriting is a service and cannot be viewed before purchase, providing writing samples will promote a level of confidence in you that might not otherwise occur.
3. A website can display your payment rates. Posting your rates alongside a typical writing example will reduce the negotiation factor that works to cut your profits. The rates you charge appear written in stone on a website full of good content.
4. A website affords you a place for testimonials. Solicit these from satisfied customers, and highlight their comments and limited personal information. If permitted, you can provide a link, in a pop-up window, to a sample on someone else’s blog or website. This will greatly increase credibility for your freelance work.
5. A website can be the destination for the web traffic you direct. Answering ads and communicating in forums and by email are limiting ways to solicit ghostwriting work. To be really successful, you need a storefront for your ghostwriting services. All the typical ways to drive traffic can be used to increase exposure for your website, and through that process, find new employers.
A website is essential for substantial business in ghostwriting work. A website is an investment that costs very little to bring you great results.
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