Work on Freelance Writing to Make Money

Although ghostwriting may sound fairly self-explanatory to some, it may really confuse others! A person who chooses to ghostwrite an article, book, or web content is simply creating these forms of written expression for a paying client. Transfer of copyright is given to the client once work that has been agreed upon is completed. There are a number of avenues on how to make money doing ghost writing.

As a ghostwriter you have many venues in which to seek employment. Even before the onset of the internet there was a demand for written services. The internet has imploded this demand, with the ever increasing need for fresh web content. This means good news for writers. Catering to these needs is a number of freelance websites that connect clients with writers.

There are also ways to promote yourself as a ghostwriter, and seek opportunities away from the computer. You may consider advertising in your local newspaper, or just spread the word through friends and family about your new found trade. Opportunities may arise just from simple conversations you have, you may find out that a friend or a friend of a friend needs your services!

If you are a ghostwriter you have to be ready to present yourself to a potential client at any given moment. This is why being prepared is essential. A number of polished writing samples should be ready for showcase. Arrange to have different writing styles available as samples. You may want to tailor your samples to your client’s needs. Including a number of different samples can give a client a feel for your flexible writing style.

Detail the fees you charge. For instance, do you charge on an hourly rate and if so, how much per hour. Maybe you charge on a per project basis, in this case you may want to indicate how you set up your fees. Mention whether or not your fees are open for negotiation depending on research required for the project.

Detail all aspects of your payment expectation as well as when the client will receive promised work. For instance, you may charge a percentage fee on agreement. Other payments may be required when milestone assignments have been completed. Make sure that accurate contact information is available on whatever information you give to a prospective client.

There are a number of guidelines that can teach you how to make money doing ghost writing, the bottom line is finding which techniques work for you. You even may have to start small in order to build your clientele. Once you have made connections you will find that one job well done can lead to a string of new ghostwriting jobs.
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