Writing For Profit – Ghost Writing, The Invisible Person Brings Home the Bacon

Ghost writing for profit does not have to be a scary subject, in fact much of the best content and even some of the best books in the world are written by ghost writers.
First let’s take a look at exactly what a ghost writer is and what they do. A ghost writer is usually a professional writer who works in the background, he may write articles for magazines, the Internet or may write parts of books. The thing that makes them a ghost writer is that the work is not published in his name, it is usually published in someone else’s or under no name at all.
So how do you get to be a ghost writer and where do you find work? Becoming a ghost writer is really no different from becoming any other type of writer; you need to be able to convey information on a given subject in a clear, concise manner using proper spelling, punctuation and grammar. That is really all there is to it, you do not have to have a degree, although this can help you land some of the bigger jobs when you first get started.
Finding work as a ghost writer is no different from finding work doing freelance writing. There are websites that are dedicated to finding work for writers and connecting the writer to the client. Many of the short articles you see on the Internet were more than likely written by a ghost writer. Using websites such as Write4me you can be put in touch with thousands of individuals and companies that are looking for writers, just remember as a ghost writer you will receive payment for your work but you will not be credited for writing it.
Joining several writers forums is another good way to get your ghost writing career off to a good start, the people that are writing in these forums have already put in the time to find some of the better sites to find work at. Many times people that are looking to hire will post on them so that they can get a selection of writers to choose from.
If you are the type of writer that needs to be credited for his work then this is not for you. On the other hand if you are not worried about whom gets the credit and are more interested in whom gets paid regularly for their work, then being a ghost writer is the perfect way to make a profit from writing.
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